Punjar: The Tarnished Jewel

The Last of the Traitors
Phlesco Falls

While Amodias regains his strength, Zus and Cruz manage to use disguises gained from Thyl’s hideout to kidnap Phlesco out of his own home, and kill his aunt Elise, a spell caster, in the process. Now Phlesco lies unconscious in the temple of Cthulhu awaiting sacrifice.

With the Beggar’s outside agents taken care of, the party turns their eye to the Beggar King himself.

Three Traitors
Woe to those that betray the Thieve's Guild

The party tracks down two of the three traitors that sold out to the Beggar King. Thly, the snake blooded assassin, and Tortha the vile necromancer both were swayed to the Beggar King’s side by promises of great power.

The party learned that Thly failed to kill the Overlord in service of the Beggar King. In his desperate need of money to be able to escape the city and the Beggar King’s wrath, the party was able to lure Thyl into the sewers with the promise of great wealth for him to assassinate the other two traitors. While he was preparing to float the chest of false coin through the sewers they ambushed him, captured him, and sacrificed him to Cthulhu.

Semaj by thedarkcarousel d387acb

Next, the party went to face Tortha in the City of the Dead. They found her in the middle of a ritual to summon skeletal warriors. Zus, Cruz, and Lug fell while Asmodias made a terrible sacrifice to be able to put Tortha into a magical sleep.

Hesla of wailing weald by sally jackson d3djt3s

They earned Cthulhu’s favor by sacrificing the powerful necromancer in his name.

Spent, and wounded they decided to recoup for a time in Thyl’s hideaway cave.

Warrior's Don't Predict; They Prepare

Having survived the ancient general’s tomb, Asmodais, Cruz, and Zus arm themselves with their new found wealth. They also acquire two slaves, Lug a prizefighter, and Donivan a scribe. Still, there is no such thing as a safe day in Punjar, they barley managed to overcome an ambush by the Beggar King’s ambush. For reasons unknown, it appears that they were specifically targeted.

Blacksmith by ilison

Initiation: A Portal Under the Stars
Initiation to the Thieve's Guild

Portal shot

12 men and women stood outside the glimmering portal. Some were here to clear their dept to the thieve’s guild; other hoped to prove themselves worthy of their ranks.

It was a perilous adventure for all. They faced devious traps, battled a giant serpent, and outsmarted a golem general and his army. In the end few survived, and but three proved themselves worthy of the thieve’s guild ranks.

Snake demon


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