Kuruz Snakerider

Cleric of Cthulhu


Occupation: Caravan Guard

Alignment: Neutral

Class: Cleric

Level: 1

Hit Points: 8
Hit Die: 1d8

AC: 16

Strength: |12| 0
Agility: |9| 0
Stamina: |9| 0
Personality: |17| +2
Intelligence: |7| -1
Luck: |11| 0

Reflex: 0
Fortitude: +1
Willpower: +3

Lucky Roll: Charmed House Luck Bonus to Armor Class

Weapons: Mace 1d6
Long Sword 1d8


Once a lowly caravan guard, Kuruz rose to defeat the tomb of the War Mage. Securing his dark spell book for the Thieves Guild Kuruz cemented his place as a worthy member.

Kuruz Snakerider

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